Summer to Fall by the Sea

I enjoy the change of seasons. Watching the earth change its temperature here in the Northeast has always been my favorite time of the year. The changing colors of the trees and the brisk air makes me happy, it’s that simple.

The sea churns to a new rhythm and gets darker and bigger as the days to winter approach. I prefer the beach in the fall, it’s quiet and seems more alive to me somehow.

As a gardener, I don’t enjoy seeing my perennials go into hibernation. Counting the days until I will see them peaking up next spring and summer, it’s a natural progression. I look forward to seeing my beloved tulips push through the earth in all their glory, given to me one of my dearest friends. She brought them back from her trip to Holland..the land of tulips. Seeds to plants that have now become perennial staples in my garden from Monet’s Garden, Giverney in France. My bleeding heart bush planted in memory of my dear friend Sam. A true gentleman and a friend like no other.

This year due to Covid-19, I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to get my annuals that accent my garden in delightful colorful unique ways, so I started sowing seeds indoors in March.

I can say this season’s garden was a mixed bag of successes and failures. My annuals did amazingly well, as did my perennials. My vegetable garden did not fare at all. It was quite humid here, tomatoes love the warmth and sun, but they struggled. The herbs were quite happy and produced an abundance of delicious, fresh, fragrant additions to our meals. Pestos were made, some were dried, some were frozen for winter use. Bumper crop indeed. The rest of the garden produced nearly nothing. I don’t look at it as failure, but an effort that just didn’t work. It’s all good to me.

I can say that for the first time in about fifty years, I did have a huge success! My gardenia bloomed multiple times! Funny how something so basic ( although gardenias in the northeast are not easy to maintain) can be so extremely fulfilling.

First Gardenia Bloom (Ever!)
Multiple Gardenia Flowers

As the hot summer progressed the zinnias were happy as were the hydrangeas, sunflowers, daisies, roses, butterfly bushes, etc.

Orange State Fair Zinnia about the fully bloom.
Brilliant Zinnia

I have loved picking my flowers for bouquets in the house. They brighten up our rooms and ground me in their glory.

Hydrangeas from the garden.

Now the plants have gone dormant, the hydrangeas have been picked to dry and planning for next years garden has begun.

The crysanthmums have been planted, the pumpkins show off their bright orange glow and the apple picking has been glorious.

As the leaves turn, I will document the colors with my camera and press some of the most colorful samples in old heavy books as I have done for years. I will watch the ocean at its edge and feel the cold wind pass by like a returning friend. I so enjoy the quiet of the sea in my oneness.

As nature turns us to nurture, I look forward to eating wonderful root vegetables and long cooked savory meals in front of a roaring fire. Baking apples, crumbles and apple cinnamon cakes fill the house with sweet aromas and carried on traditions. We are blessed to have a roof, food and warmth as the season pushes toward winter.

Our home by the sea is filled with gratitude and simple abundance.

Photo by WARREN BLAKE on

All photos except the last one are from my lens.


  1. What a lovely post! Love your attitude that even though the garden didn’t quite meet your hopes, it was still well worth doing. Spring is on the way, so we have another opportunity. Best of luck in all things.


  2. So beautiful and special! You and your garden and your flowers are glorious. You think about them with such a vengeance too. No wonder I adore you. Great photos too. Thanks for sharing your love of nature……you have a gift.


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