People On The Path

This blog is about people. Stories encompassing a wide range of humanity. It’s about sharing and connecting to people on their own path as encouragement and validation. One does not walk alone, although we may feel we do. We all have a story and this is mine.


Parenting ~ Loss ~ Mentors ~ Family ~ Love ~ Inspiration ~ Caregiving ~ Faith ~ Friends ~ Moments


Premonition the noun from Middle French or Latin praemonere “to warn in advance”. When I was about ten years old I was always riding my bicycle around our neighborhood. A ride on my bike was total freedom and it was one of the best feelings I remember from my childhood. It was a beautiful summerContinue reading “Premonition”

Frank 2

He came to me on a warm summer evening. It was the beginning of a journey that lasted until I went to him on a brisk October day much like today in the Northeast. He brought lobster in July, I brought questions in October… ten years later. A complicated path filled with skewed morale compassesContinue reading “Frank 2”

Stories coming soon... Rebecca, Gloria continued, Suzanne, Frank, Debbie, Sam, and more…


      1. Memories. Gloria was so amazing and you gave such good care. She helped so many people and was a great support to my family. She sat with my crying husband while my son was having an operation.


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